It is our goal to be as transparent and upfront about our coverage and service as possible.

Internet as we have all learned can be unpredictable, from speed to quality it is all based off your specific coverage and dwelling type. Although you may be in a Good or Excellent coverage area, it is possible the structure of your home or business can block the signal. There are exterior antennas that can be purchased on your own.

Please use our chat feature or send an email to to see if you are in an approved area. As a wireless provider of internet, we can provide internet to 97% of America. This advantage allows us to sell nationwide and not be tied down to cables or wires!

Our program provides unlimited data for the average data user. The national average for data used currently is 200gb of data a month. Our program does offer unlimited 2G and 3G data, however the 4G data can be deprioritized if in a congested area or due to over usage. Although we rarely see deprioritization (throttling) it is possible. There is no way to determine if you are in a congested area.

*Unlimited data with 50 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data. During congestion, small fractions of customers in highly populated areas using greater than 50 GB/month may notice reduced speeds until the next bill cycle due to prioritization. Customer continues to receive unlimited data however, just at slower speeds, and only when in a congested area.

We reserve the right to cancel lines for misuse or abuse. Our service is not meant for non-stop streaming or gaming.