Freedom Internet

Bring Your Own Device Internet - TRULY MOBILE

DON’T throw away your old cell phone or tablet. With our wireless technology you can turn it into a home or business Wi-Fi modem and save on upfront equipment costs! Simply activate and insert the sim, turn on your devices hotpot, and enjoy blazing fast UNLIMITED internet. 

  • Any unlocked LTE cell phone or tablet with a sim slot that has hotspot and LTE bands 2, 4, & 12 will work
  • Utilize the powerful LTE antennas in these devices to have up to 3x faster data speeds
  •  Use the many features of your device (apps, touchscreen, screen cast, & much more) while it also functions as your modem
  • Click HERE to check your device compatibility

The Alicorn USB Device

The first tri-band USB modem. This is a plug & play device that allows you to simply plug into any USB port for power and access our blazing fast 4G LTE  wireless service!

  • Mobile device that allows you to take your internet anywhere you want to go. Home, work, RV, or international.
  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage – we go where you need us!
  • Zero installation. Truly pocket sized. (1″ x 4″)
  • Connect up to 3 WiFi devices or plug into your computer or TV

The Onyx WiFi Router

Pair the high performance mobile Alicorn device with the stable performance of our Onyx router for an expanded wireless network!

  • Use your Alicorn to power your Onyx modem to expand wireless coverage and get a better signal for all your devices.
  • Alicorn plugs right into router USB hub for easy set up.
  • Onyx supports Repeater, AP, and Router modes.
  •  Connect up to 10 devices
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