One Wireless World Return and Cancellation Policy

Refund Requests and Cancellation Procedure

  • Customers can return equipment purchased and receive a refund within 14 days of the date of purchase.
    • Send to address:
      6700 N Linder Rd Ste 156 Box 283

      Meridian, ID 83646

  • Funds eligible for refund:
    • Equipment cost
    • First Month of Service
  • The Refund Request Form must be filled out below to begin refund process within 14 days of the date of purchase.
  • Equipment must be received by One Wireless World within 10 days of filling out the Refund Request Form to be eligible for refund. 
  •  If the Refund Request Form below is not submitted within 14 days of purchase OR if the equipment has not been received back by One Wireless World within 10 days of form submission, all refunds to customer will be NOT be eligible for processing. 
  • If you are looking to just cancel service, not return any equipment (SIM cards do not need to be returned), please fill out the Return/Refund/Cancel form below and then SEE THE SECTION BELOW THE FORM FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CANCEL THE RECURRING BILLING SO YOU ARE NOT CHARGED AGAIN. DOING THIS ALSO APPLIES IF RETURNING EQUIPMENT. RETURNED EQUIPMENT DOES NOT CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY BILLING.

Return/Refund/Cancel Request Form

Return & Refund Request From

Cancelling Your Monthly Billing

Returning equipment for refund does NOT cancel your recurring monthly billing for that product. You MUST login to your account and cancel the subscription service to stop monthly billing.

*See below screenshot of where to find your subscription to cancel monthly recurring billing.*