If you are experiencing slower than usual data speeds or any connectivity issues, start here by filling out the form below and clicking the Data Refresh button and we will perform a data and connection refresh for your device. After submitting the form, please wait 2 hours and then unplug your device from power and plug back in to initiate the data refresh. Don’t forget to also check our FAQ section for your specific question.

SIM Card - Connection Reset Form
Please fill out and submit this form to refresh your SIM's connection.
If submitting multiple SIM numbers, please separate them by line. Make sure you enter the SIM Card Number EXACTLY as it appears on the SIM Card in your device. Your line WILL NOT be refreshed correctly if you enter the wrong SIM Number.

If you have already performed the data refresh above and your issues are not fixed, please send an email to or use the form below. You can also call us at 208-939-3199 M – F 9 am to 4 pm MST to speak with a technician regarding your device issue. 

Step 2: Email Tech Support

Tech Support Contact Form